4. Adding/Editing/Removing Accounts

Another way to add an account is by clicking the "Add" button from the main window. Clicking the "Edit" button (when an account is highlighted) brings up the same window as when clicking on "Add", only this time the input fields are filled with previously entered information.

Here you can also specify how often mail should be checked, or temporarily disable checking for this account altogether.

You can also specify a specific sound other than the default sound to be played whenever mail for this account arrives. Enable "Specify:", click the "Browse" button and choose a sound file (WAV format) to be played. To test the sound, click the "Test" button.

To completely remove an existing account from PEN, first make sure the account is highlighted in the main window. Next, click the "Remove" button. PEN will now ask you if you want to remove this account permanently.

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